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Project Description

Jack Daniel’s Distillery approved the design and construction of a new distillery and by-products handling facility that will initially produce 8 million opgs per year, with capability of being expanded to 48 million opgs per year. The new distillery is located on the existing Jack Daniel’s property in Lynchburg, TN.
The Scope of Work for this project included a new grain unloading, storage and grinding facility, by-products handling, and a waste treatment facility. Special design and construction considerations were used to protect fugitive water flows from infiltrating drainage and sink holes during and after construction. Facility was architecturally and structurally designed for cost effective, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. Strong consideration was given to the use of sustainable materials of construction and overall design elements. New infrastructure such as access roads, utilities, drives, truck scales, and underground utilities to support the new distillery were required.

OLG Services was also on site to handle all of the Construction Management.