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Project Description

This project was a very aggressive design/build effort and was considered a research project for Jack Daniels. The facility consists of numerous 83,000 SF warehouses for storage of palletized barrels with two mechanical rooms to house air handlers. Due to the alcohol vapors present in the warehouse all equipment was rated for Class I, Division I service. A complete coverage, lightning protection system was installed. An alcohol detection system was installed to provide evacuation of hazardous vapors during a purge cycle. A VESDA system was also installed to provide an early warning in the event products of combustion are detected. These systems were connected to the security and area network for alarm status. The facility is ventilated with wall mounted exhaust fans interlocked with central station air handlers to control temperature and provide emergency purge. Heating is provided by a remote hot water boiler connected to hot water coils in the air handlers by hot water piping and pumps. Variable frequency drives were used to synchronize exhaust and makeup though the central station air handlers. A smoke purge system was also installed to assist fire fighters in the event of a fire event. A complete fire protection system was installed with fire pump, quick response heads and foam injection stations throughout the facility. A trench drain system was used to capture any spills or discharge from the sprinkler system. This drainage system discharged into a lined, berm area for storage and proper disposal.