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Project Description

“The campus of the Tennessee Corrections Academy (TCA) is located on a 212-acre parcel in Tullahoma. The site currently has 15 buildings that provide for the training, housing, dining and other support needs of correctional officers & trainees of the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC). Currently 6,000 students use the facility on an annual basis for their training needs. Recently, TDOC made the decision that the Tullahoma campus will be their primary training facility for all of their employees statewide. These changes to the future mission of TCA have made the current facilities unable to accommodate future training programs as well as the projected increase in student population. The Scope of the Infrastructure Upgrade project is to preserve the campus feel of the facility while preparing the infrastructure for advancements in technology, serviceability and reliability for the foreseeable future. Specific elements of the project include:
• Upgrading the existing HVAC systems from window air conditioners and radiant heat using high pressure steam to a high efficiency, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC system.
• Improvements to the power distribution system and other portions of the electrical infrastructure system including communications and site lighting.
• Improvements to the drainage infrastructure.
• Improvements to the site civil utility infrastructure, including domestic water, fire protection and sanitary sewer.
• Improvements to the kitchen to make it more functional, including replacement of the kitchen equipment and walk-in freezers & coolers.
• Structural repairs in the kitchen renovation and the replacement of a number of fire escape stairwells.”